Johan Söderberg on Fri, 28 Aug 2015 12:06:49 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> hacking hacked

> This is all not about gentrification which is a ridiculously useless because purely ideologic term

Erich. Your anti-ideological (anti-metaphysical, etc.) sentiments are themselves infused with ideology. Doing field studies and reflecting over those studies with the help of concepts, such as "gentrification", must go hand in hand, as is amply shown from the record of Biella and the others in this debate.

But there is a real issue over where in time hacking was hacked. Did it happen in the Homebrew Club, with FSF/GPL, with the maker movement, etc.? To debate this as if there really was one such a point in history in exclusion to all others is just futile (in this I give you right, Erich). Gentrification/recuperation - or the accusation thereof - has been with the hacker movement throughout its existence. This does not invalidate the use of the concept however (i.e. Florian's response). Rather, it provides (now as in the past) different fractions within the hacker movement with a rallying point, indispensable to them just as it is to any other (ideologically driven) social movement. When in time that point is located depends entirely on what are the ongoing struggles and the projected future that the hackers are mobilizing around.


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