Molly Hankwitz on Mon, 6 Apr 2015 23:08:55 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> nottime: the end of nettime

Dear Ted and Felix,

Well, I started reading from the most recent and *shocked* replies, and
then, I went back to find this long email.
Crazy, but, I was just thinking, something I do occasionally - :') (about
two days ago) about the fact that nettime
STILL has the old, grey email interface and the form of a list....when Mark
Zuckerberg and his cohorts have dazzled 9 billion people - like burgers -
to "add content" - because its more exciting, hogs up more bandwidth, acts
like Reality TV and spreads ad sprawl globally... and I thought, 'hmmm, its
kind of a good thing, kind of a relief, kind of wonderful that nettime is
still nettime and there are few "content-delivery" expectations, and there
are some half way interesting arguments, texts, writings, reviews...

This is such a cop out not a confession of radical/unradical ...well,
thanks for keeping the list "alive" but please, don't tell us, after
running a low tech internet list for almost 20 years,  that the reason you
are folding is because the Internet
is "post" and there are not enough pictures on nettime...I thought
 low-tech, high-concept was the know? Not "multimedia" to
use a 90s term.  I thought
this was what made nettime cool, not measuring it against snailmail...I
thought SLOW MEDIA was good media...and wouldn't some younger people, if
you two have gotten tired, to take over some of the list work?

I'm sad that there's no merit in the good old list seen by
so-called critics of technology...
what happens to looking to nettime for something crisp to be said about


I'm confused

Molly Hankwitz

molly hankwitz

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