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<nettime> Krisis new issue online *Pirates and Privateers* (2015-1)

The new issue of Krisis, Journal for Contemporary Philosophy,
revolves around two figures, that of the pirate and the privateer.
It explores their relevance to a critical understanding of the
gobalized present. Defying any simple opposition, the relationship
between them is simultaneously one of extreme proximity, in terms
of practice, and great distance, in terms of their relation to
sovereignty and the law. This results in an ambiguity that matches
the economic networks in which they operate, then and now. For the
pirate and privateer make their reappearance in the cracks opened
up by nation states permanently recuperating from the centrifugal
and deterritorializing forces of capital. 

>From media pirates turned hacktivists to neo-privateers mooring their
vessels in tax havens and SEZs, each contribution engages these
figures from a different perspective. Sonja Schillings from that
of Agamben's theory of sovereignty, Oscar Coppieters from that of
Corporate Social Responsibility, Ned Rossiter and Soenke Zehle from
that of anonymity and parametric politics, and Francesca Da Rimini
and Jonathan Marshall from that of anarchist theories of (dis)order.

Also included in this issue are book reviews by Maxigas (Gabriella
Coleman, 2014: Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces
of Anonymous), Liesbeth Schoonheim (Martin Frederiksson and James
Arvanitakis eds., 2014: Piracy: Leakages from Modernity) and Jonathan
Gray (David M. Berry, 2014: Critical Theory and the Digital, and
Christian Fuchs, 2014: Social Media: A Critical Introduction).


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