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Re: <nettime> putin, the odessa lynching, and the left

2014-05-27 23:24 GMT+02:00 tamas <>:

> The real farcical part to me , besides the fact that some posts here are
> almost lifted from the RT Russian TV) Internet channel propaganda texts
> is that how Putin and his machine manages to disseminate their
> propaganda without people immediately seeing it in it's context.
> Russia is traditionally, regardless of the regime in power, has been a
> brutal imperialist state. Which each time without mercy stomps out any
> independence or 'separatist' movement within its border.
> I just saw a 'horror' video of 30 separatist  bodies in the morgue in
> Ukraine on RT , yet I still remember the images when the capital of
> Chechnia was with all the civilians in it bombed to the ground not so
> long ago. Nobody seems to place the moral outrage next to those mass
> exterminations.

This is war, man! And the Russians, like the Ukrainians, have learned a lot
from the Americans when it comes to war propaganda and covering atrocities
on national TV stations, print and online.
Nobody in Ukraine today is waiting for politicians from the EU/US to
express their moral outrage. This won't stop the war and would only
distract the parties to negotiate for a real solution of this conflict.
See how EU politicians who want to be elected for some key positions in
Brussels throw oil on the fire in their Maidan speech in Kiev last February
even before the war in eastern Ukraine has started:
They don't give a shit about the Ukrainians or Russians who live there. Or
is this also Russian propaganda?


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