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Re: <nettime> putin, the odessa lynching, and the left

War for some, politics, grand ambitions for others, fodder for propaganda for
all, I certainly can agree with that.

Tamas Banovich
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> On May 30, 2014, at 2:15 PM, Aleks <aleks22@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2014-05-27 23:24 GMT+02:00 tamas <tamas.banovich@gmail.com>:
>> The real farcical part to me , besides the fact that some posts here are
>> almost lifted from the RT Russian TV) Internet channel propaganda texts
>> is that how Putin and his machine manages to disseminate their
>> propaganda without people immediately seeing it in it's context.
>> Russia is traditionally, regardless of the regime in power, has been a
>> brutal imperialist state. Which each time without mercy stomps out any
>> independence or 'separatist' movement within its border.
>> I just saw a 'horror' video of 30 separatist  bodies in the morgue in
>> Ukraine on RT , yet I still remember the images when the capital of
>> Chechnia was with all the civilians in it bombed to the ground not so
>> long ago. Nobody seems to place the moral outrage next to those mass
>> exterminations.
> War to some 
> This is war, man! And the Russians, like the Ukrainians, have learned a lot
> from the Americans when it comes to war propaganda and covering atrocities
> on national TV stations, print and online.

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