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Re: <nettime> putin, the odessa lynching, and the left

The real farcical part to me , besides the fact that some posts here are
almost lifted from the RT Russian TV) Internet channel propaganda texts
is that how Putin and his machine manages to disseminate their
propaganda without people immediately seeing it in it's context. 

Russia is traditionally, regardless of the regime in power, has been a
brutal imperialist state. Which each time without mercy stomps out any
independence or 'separatist' movement within its border. 

I just saw a 'horror' video of 30 separatist  bodies in the morgue in
Ukraine on RT , yet I still remember the images when the capital of
Chechnia was with all the civilians in it bombed to the ground not so
long ago. Nobody seems to place the moral outrage next to those mass

I do not want to make this post a long list of Russian brutality of its
own citizens within its borders. (I just walked by a pot-marked house in
Budapest made by Russian tanks in 1956) 

I wonder though what would happen if the Finns in Karelia  and all the
other minorities in Russia would try to organize a referendum of
independence from Russia. 

Crimea, yeah who are the original inhabitants of 'Russian' Crimea ? As
far as I remember the Crimean Tatars, who were whole sale killed,
hundreds of thousands deported  to Siberia by Stalin to make space, a
few of them were repatriated in the last two decades.

This happened only circa 70 years ago so yes they have historical

I mention all this because to discuss this conflict in ideological terms
without mentioning historical facts iis a bit strange, to me.

I can see already someone hurling conflicting historical facts and
claims  at me. 

Sure you are right, let's continue to destroy, kill, terrorize, or
otherwise overpower and dominate each other, let the show go on.

For the record: "The modern history of Crimea begins with the annexation
by the Russian Empire in 1783. In 1921 the Crimean Autonomous Soviet
Socialist Republic was created. This republic was dissolved in 1945, and
the Crimea became a province first of the Russian SSR (1945-1954) and
then the Ukrainian SSR (1954-1991). Since 1991 it has had the status of
an Autonomous Republic within Ukraine until its annexation by the
Russian Federation in the 2014 Crimean Crisis."

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> After the Ukrainian election it's time to respond to this.  I'm also
> surprised this isn't more lively on Nettime.

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