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Re: <nettime> Nathan Schneider: Planet Occupy (Harpers Magazine)

Thanks for posting these two links to Schneider, Patrice. As it happens, I
used them in a talk I gave last week at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en
Sciences Sociales in Paris. I circulated there excerpts from his work, from
Gabriella Coleman's on Anonymous (which she draws on heavily for the second
article) and from a post of mine to nettime not long ago concerning Lenin
and James on revolution (stimulated by exchanges with Brian and Ed among

The human economy in a revolutionary moment: political aspects of the
economic crisis

Edited transcript of an improvised talk for a seminar, ?Social movements
and the solidarity economy?, organized by Jean-Louis Laville and Geoffrey
Pleyers, EHESS, Paris, 2 February 2012.

My main aim was the reflect on an ongoing anthropological and political
conversation with David Graeber, partly in response to a private exchange
with Felix about his work. This hinges on the (sterile?) contrast between
revolutionary and reformist approaches to economic change and the stories
we attach to them.


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> Planet Occupy
> By Nathan Schneider
> Imagining an Occupied world

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