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Re: <nettime> some more nuanced thoughts on SWARTZ

Quoth Marco Ricci:

>, i consider them the heroes of our times, and when i think about
> the amount of information freely available to anyone willing to use it, when
> i think that i can now learn almost any topic at an academic level, spending
> only my own time and energy, i feel moved and excited, i feel like knowledge
> and wisdom are becoming less elitarian, like people can finally open their
> minds (if they are willing to or not, is another question).

Don't forget, though, that "only my own time and energy" is itself 
quite contingent on economic realities. While, of course, free 
access to knowledge is a great boon, it is not necessarily much use 
to people who have to spend the vast majority of their time and 
energy in order to make ends meet.


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