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<nettime> No JSTOR downloads or bicycle-helmet-masks for you (PDF)

"In all, [Aaron] Swartz stole approximately 4.8 million articles, a
major portion of the total archive in which JSTOR had invested...
Swartz intended to distribute a significant portion of JSTOR's archive
of digitized journal articles through one or more file-sharing sites"

And finally,

> 36. The Grand Jury realleges and incorporates by reference the allegations in
>  paragraphs 1-33 of this Indictment and charges that:
> From on or about September 24, 2010, through January 6, 2011, or thereabout, 
> in the District of Massachusetts and elsewhere, the defendant,
> intentionally accessed a computer --  namely, a computer on MIT's computer network and a
> computer on JSTOR's network --  without authorization and in excess of authorized access, and
> thereby obtained from a protected computer information whose value exceeded $5,000 --
> namely, digitized journal articles from JSTOR's archive --- and aided and abetted the same.
> All in violation of 18 U.S.C. ?? 1030(a)(2), (c)(2)(B)(iii) and 2.

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