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<nettime> Fw: Worst Is Yet to Come for News Corp. For More Info

Dear Patrice and other list members,

Visit and watch the video entitled "THE VIDEO"
Murdock was never just a publisher. He has always acted like a
kingmaker. In the USA, a group of arch-conservatives got together
about 40 years ago. They decided that they could "take over" the USA
and the world if they spent about $500 million dollars on acquiring
media properties. They planned to use this media to begin "selling"
their message. Their message was: Greed is good, businesses can always
provide services cheaper than government--privatize; taxes are bad;
business should run the world; regulation is bad; free markets are the
most efficient; science is a bad way to make policy....etc., etc.

In other words, this group brainwashed the world beginning with their 
media acquisitions. Who exactly do you think that Murdock represents? 
He was their poster boy and organizer of their efforts to drive the   
dialogue of as many societies as possible.                            

visit and read what some of his associates
have been busy doing.


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