Patrice Riemens on Mon, 18 Jul 2011 14:56:12 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Worst Is Yet to Come for News Corp.

> I believe it was the Guardian who have nudged this story along from
> the beginning...
> If these folks did (or even I guess, tried to do) the hanky-panky
> with 9/11 then in their Aussie/Brit journalistic "exuberance" they
> surely have "touched the third rail".
> Anyone care to assess the political/cultural fall out from a fallen
> Fox News?
> M

A 'seismic event' it is indeed, but I think, as a good 'Virilian' ;-)
that it goes far further than the demise of the Murdoch Empire : it is
part of the "integral accident" unfolding under our very eyes.

One might call it the end of a paradigm, a mega (and meta-) paradigm,
that is: the end of the state as we know it, the fall of finance,
the folding up of the market stalinism based management techniques
that has pervaded for 30 years politics, culture, education, health,
housing and benefits, public transport, the arts, and whatever you
wish to name in the sphere of institutional life. And of course, of
the neo-orthodoxy in what ideologically held the whole thing together,
the mass/mainstream media and their assorted bosses and lackeys.

The emperor is naked for all to see. That is the universal message
flashed around from Tahrir to Plaza del Sol, by imperial wars without
end or outcome in Afghanistan, Irak, and Lybia, in the increasingly
panicked bourses, by puzzled and confused central bankers and no
longer representative parliamentarians having lost both their bearings
and their constituency, by national and local rulers desperately
trying to buy time with escalating violence in 'maintaining law and
order'. And last but not least on the Net where or by which corporate
copyright is collapsing, and nothing and nobody in power is safe for
Anonymous and/or Wikileaks.

Ben Ali, Fuld, DSK, Murdoch, Mubarak, Berlusconi, ... you name 'm,
they're all going or gone. We are living in interesting times, really.
Wake up! TEOTWAWKI Rulez!

Cheers and rejoice,
patrizo and Diiiinooos!

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