Goran Maric on Sun, 27 Feb 2011 22:00:38 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> The Art of the Undercommons

a good friend of mine who was doing installation/performance, for about 20 years in NYC, whose work and 
thoughts I do deeply love, about few years ago decided stop doing it . start doing painting, said needs to sell, 
to live, or rather just to exist, money in our world doesn't grow on trees, it is some kind of exchange world we 
live in, 'a' for 'b.'
Unfortunately, or fortunately, doesn't sell the paintings that much, rich do not like to be disturbed, do not like 
to be told into face, there is no violence in there, they like "indirect" whatever that the hell that does mean??? 
they like neat, lean cut meat, target in nice suburbs, shnucks, tom thumb, whatever.
was told by the same, it is difficult to read and write about art, when one has to work zillion hours a week "nothing" jobs 
just to pay rat rooms.
ignorance is celebrated as words of of wisdom, of course, here it is philosophy, complex wording, look at
me, my words are so layered, even the writer can't understand them. dumb artists, follow the blind...
encapsulation of 'being rich, therefore i am' has been sold as the words of wise, follow me or be damn,
 LONG LIVE DOGMA. no please, I want to be damn part of the story as well, please let me in.
no three pigs and wolf in here.
unfortunately, or fortunately, for myself, the artist start doing performance/installations again, i guess it is in
someones blood, who gives a damn about income, definitely not about the fame, not that young anymore. 
one really has to be insane, nuts, dumb to do things that do not return nothing but headaches. 
love the work, innocence, naivety, sloppiness , dirtiness, honest, yes honest, what a vague and subjective term,
thankfully no tom thumb, shnucks there...
problem is not in artists, no more than in philosophers, and the rest of damn habitants of societies.
though it is easy to take the pants down and throw garbage upon them, let's trash the weakest links 
while we live in the world where everything is about exchange 'a' for 'b' in whatever form one likes to describe it.
it is easy to be smart ass when money is coming from gods, insert whatever one wants in this variable. 
After asking the same artists, why decision, in the first place, was made not to do the installation/performance
some years ago? was told "I got tired playing monkey for the rich." 
i guess, today the artist, at least, do not do it for the rich, no more!


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> Didn't Sartre surpass Kant's ego-driven judgment in Critique of
> Dialectical Reason and in Transcendence of the Ego surpass Husserl's
> blinding conceit of paramountcy?


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