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Re: <nettime> The Art of the Undercommons

When it comes to the reason for which they do things, artists seldom say
the truth  Goran.

Please, remember that.. nobody does "stuff for the rich", that simply isn't
possible because art is such a niche activity that if you have such a clear
agenda (doing things that will sell), you simply pull out of it and get
into another industry instead.

Now, when it comes to painting, people start and quit it and then start
again, because its the most amazing and that enigmatic visual activity a
person can undertake. 

But at some point you need to stop, because it doesn't always feel "right"
to paint (not because painting is some kind of bourgeois art, but because
like drugs, painting doesn't have much of an effect on you after a while.
That is a personal problem of the artist of course, the viewer would
actually never notice.


Why don't you send us a link with the paintings of your friend? I would be
happy to see them.
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a good friend of mine who was doing installation/performance, for about 20
years in NYC, whose work and thoughts I do deeply love, about few years ago
decided stop doing it . start doing painting, said needs to sell, to live,
or rather just to exist, money in our world doesn't grow on trees, it is
some kind of exchange world we live in, 'a' for 'b.'

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