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<nettime> Wikileaks is a payop!

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So you think (at least Dan does ;-) that our friend John Young (quoted
under) is a cynic? You ain't seen nothing yet. Check this one out (from
our "we hackers get our information from all kind of sources" - Rop
Gonggrijp - department)

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January 23, 2011 posted by Veterans Today · 11 Comments
Nihilists of The World Unite: Wikileaks Is The ?Cognitive Infiltration?
Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein
By Webster Tarpley at

Awareness is growing around the world that the Wikileaks-Julian Assange
theater of the absurd is radically inauthentic ? a psyop. Wikileaks and
its impaired boss represent a classic form of limited hangout or
self-exposure, a kind of lurid striptease in which the front organization
releases doctored and pre-selected materials provided by the intelligence
agency with the intent of harming, not the CIA, nor the UK, nor the
Israelis, but rather such classic CIA enemies? list figures as Putin,
Berlusconi, Karzai, Qaddafi, Rodriguez de Kirchner, etc. In Tunisia,
derogatory material about ex-President Ben Ali leaked by Wikileaks has
already brought a windfall for Langley in the form of the rare ouster of
an entrenched Arab government.

At Foggy Bottom and Langley, a manic fit has been building since the
flight of Ben Ali. US imperialist planners now believe they can re-launch
their shopworn model of the color revolution, CIA people-power coup, or
postmodern putsch against a whole series of countries in the Arab world
and far beyond, including Italy. The color revolutions had been looking
tarnished lately, as a result of the failure of the Twitter Revolution in
Iran back in June 2009. Previously, the Cedars Revolution of 2005 had
failed in Lebanon. The Orange Revolution in Ukraine had been rolled back
with the ouster of NATO-IMF kleptocrats Yushchenko and Timoshenko. In
Georgia, the Roses Revolution was increasingly discredited by the
repressive and warmongering regime of fascist madman Saakashvili.

US Seeks to Mobilize a New Generation of Young Nihilists Across the Globe

But now, NSC, State, and CIA believe that the color revolution has a new
lease on life, thanks to their estimate that the United States, because of
Wikileaks and Assange, has captured the imagination of a new generation of
young nihilists across the globe who are described as the post-9/11
generation, estranged from governments and opposition parties, and thus
ready to follow Langley?s peroxide Pied Piper.

Assange started his intensive deployment phase this year with video of a
Class A US war crime in Iraq, which was very graphic but which dealt with
an incident which was already widely known. The second document dump
focused on Iraq, but now the targeting had shifted to Prime Minister
Maliki, and the Iranian asset whom the US by some strange coincidence was
trying to oust as leader of Iraq in favor of the US puppet Allawi. With
the third document dump, this time involving State Department cables, we
found out much derogatory gossip about such classic CIA targets as Russian
prime minister Putin, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, the
Russian-Italian strategic alliance, President Fernandez de Kirchner of
Argentina, and President Karzai of Afghanistan, along with jabs at
supposed US allies who need to be kept off-balance and dependent,
including the Saudi Arabian royal family, French President Sarkozy, and
others. Wikileaks thus directs the vast majority of its fire against
figures who are part of the CIA?s enemies list.

No Equal Time for CIA Covert Operations

Assange also provides a splendid pretext for draconian censorship and
limitations on the freedom of the internet. The totalitarian liberal
Senator Feinstein wants to bring back Woodrow Wilson?s infamous Espionage
Act of 1917 in honor of Assange. Assange must be seen not as an activist,
not as a journalist, and not as an entertainer, but rather as a spook.
John Young of Cryptome, according to some reports, has denounced
Wikileaks, to which he formerly belonged, as a CIA front. In a December 29
RT interview, Young described the internet as ?a very large-scale spying
machine.?1 The internet is indeed a vast battlefield, where the
intelligence agencies of the US-UK, China, Israel, Russia, and many others
clash every hour of the day, with commercial spies, hackers, anarchists,
cultists, mercenary trolls, and psychotics all getting into the act as
well. Intelligence agencies deliberately feed real and doctored material
to various websites, sometimes using their own disgruntled employees as
cutouts, conduits, and go-betweens. This means among other things that
Bradley Manning cannot be taken at face value, although it is also clear
that he like anyone else should not be tortured.

Assange is now famous, it might be argued. But the Wall Street controlled
media can make anyone famous, from Lady Gaga to Justin Bieber to Snooki,
and this is what they have done with Assange. It is wrong to capitulate to
the demagogic power of these media by making it appear that there might be
some legitimate value to Assange. Up to now, the CIA has been organizing
color revolutions using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and so forth as
vehicles. Now they think they have a cult figure whom they can sell to the
youth bulge in the Arab world and other developing countries, where most
of the population is under 30. This is an operation which must be exposed.

Most recently, Wikileaks has played a role in the CIA?s new ?Jasmine
Revolution? in Tunisia by publishing some State Department cables about
the sybaritic luxury and lavish lifestyle of the Ben Ali clan, leading to
the downfall of that regime. The CIA is now gloating that with the help of
Wikileaks it can now topple all the Arab regimes at will, from Mubarak to
Qaddafi to Bouteflika, and replace them with new and more pliable puppets
eager to clash with Iran, Russia, and China

If Assange ever launches his much-touted doomsday machine against the Bank
of America or some other financial institutions, we will be justified in
asking that the Securities and Exchange Commission make public the extent
of short interest in those stocks by certain hedge funds, especially those
controlled by George Soros. And as far as Assange?s attacks on the Vatican
are concerned, they fit neatly into four centuries of British intelligence
warfare against the Holy See, going back to Guy Fawkes and Lord Robert
Cecil?s Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and beyond. Not much new or radical here.
Wikileaks: No Serious Derogatory Information about US, UK, Israel

It is illuminating that none of Assange?s document dumps have revealed any
notable scandals involving Great Britain or Israel. No US public figures
have had to resign because of anything Wikileaks has done. No major
ongoing covert operation or highly placed agent of influence has been
blown. After all these months, there are still no US indictments against
Assange, even though we know that a US grand jury will readily indict a
ham sandwich if the US Attorney demands it. If the CIA had wanted to
silence Assange, they could have subjected him to the classic kidnapping
aka rendition, meaning that he would have been beaten, drugged, and carted
off to wake up in a black site prison in Egypt, Poland, or Guantanamo Bay.
Otherwise, the CIA could have had recourse to the usual extralegal
wetwork. We must also assume that the new US Cybercommand with its vast
resources would have little trouble shutting down the Wikileaks mirror
sites, no matter how numerous they might be. The same goes for Anonymous
and other flanking organizations of Wikileaks. But these considerations
are purely fantastic. Assange emerges today as the pampered darling and
golden boy of The New York Times, Der Spiegel. The Guardian, El Pais ? in
short, of the entire Anglo-American official media Wurlitzer. He reclines
today in baronial splendor in the country house of a well-connected
retired British officer who should be quizzed by the media about his ties
to British intelligence. The radical-chic world, from Bianca Jagger to
Michael Moore, is at Assange?s feet.

Cass Sunstein Present at the Creation of Wikileaks

Wikileaks was apparently founded in 2006. Originally, the group was
programmed to attack China, and its board was heavily larded with fishy
Chinese dissidents and ?democracy? activists from the orbit of the Soros
foundations. Interestingly, the first big publicity breakthrough for
Wikileaks in the mainstream US media was provided by an infamous
totalitarian liberal today ensconced in the Obama White House ? none other
than Cass Sunstein. In Sunstein?s op-ed published in the Washington Post
of February 24, 2007 under the title ?Brave new Wikiworld,? we read:
?, founded by dissidents in China and other nations, plans to
post secret government documents and to protect them from censorship with
coded software.? How interesting that Sunstein was present at the creation
of the new Wikileaks psywar operation!

This is the same Sunstein who today heads Obama?s White House Office of
Information and Regulatory Affairs. In his January 2008 Harvard Law School
Working Paper entitled ?Conspiracy Theories,? Sunstein infamously demanded
that the United States government deploy groups of covert operatives and
pseudo-independent agents of influence for the ?cognitively infiltration
of extremist groups? ? meaning organizations, activists and Internet
websites who espouse beliefs which Sunstein chooses to classify as ?false
conspiracy theories.?

Wikileaks = Cass Sunstein?s Program for Cognitive Infiltration In Action
It should be clear that Assange and Wikileaks are precisely the practical
realization of Sunstein?s program for ?cognitive infiltration? shock
troops to counteract and overwhelm any real mass understanding of
oligarchical domination in the modern world, and any discussion of what
kind of economic policies are needed to secure a recovery from the present
world depression.
In line with Sunstein?s recipe, Assange is a self-declared enemy of 9/11
truth. As Assange told Belfast Telegraph reporter Matthew Bell last July,
?I?m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies
such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies,
for war or mass financial fraud.? In other words, Assange argues that the
truth about 9/11 truth is not nearly as radical as the various scandals
which Wikileaks claims to expose. But the scandals Assange is offering
target mostly the adversaries of the CIA.

Assange must also be seen as a deeply troubled individual and a possible
psychopath. He has the ravaged emotional complexion that we might expect
from an alumnus of one of the many MK-Ultra operations. He reportedly
spent several years in the menticidal Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult (also known
as The Family and Santiniketan) near Melbourne, Australia. Here little
children were separated from their parents and made to ingest LSD,
Anatensol, Diazepam, Haloperidol, Largactil, Mogadon, Serepax, Stelazine,
Tegretol, Tofranil, and other potent psychopharmaca. Dozens of children
were told that Hamilton-Byrne was their real mother, and had their hair
dyed blond. Anne Hamilton-Byrne reportedly regarded blond hair as a sign
of racial superiority. Careful observers will have noted that Assange?s
hair is sometimes blond, sometimes more brownish, raising the question of
whether his grooming practices are a residue of his time with
Hamilton-Byrne, whom he says he does not remember. When other kids were
getting cookies and milk, was Assange being lobotomized by LSD and other
potent psychopharmaca dished up by Hamilton-Byrne? There is evidence
pointing in that direction.

With Assange, we thus have the tragic spectacle of the emotionally
mutilated product of a CIA (or MI-6) covert operation of 40 years ago, who
has now been given a prominent role in a key counter-insurgency ploy of
the present time. Will the youth of the world, already burned by their
recent fatuous obsession with Obama, be duped again by such an impaired

The Precedent: Pentagon Papers Whitewashed CIA, Blamed Army, Demonized

Assange?s revelations mainly involve communications labeled Confidential
or Secret, and which in reality would be over-classified if marked
Official Use Only. In other words, Assange is in reality a purveyor of low
level cable traffic, not of earth-shattering secrets. This reminds us of
an earlier CIA limited hangout operation, the one known as the Pentagon
Papers. This was a carefully screened selection of historical documents,
supplemented by outright forgeries, relating to the Vietnam War and
compiled by Morton Halperin and Leslie Gelb, both of whom have gone on to
glittering careers in the imperialist foreign policy establishment ? Gelb
became president of the Council on Foreign Relations, while Halperin
serves today as chief political officer of the Soros wolfpack of
foundations. The papers were leaked by former RAND Corporation official
Daniel Ellsberg, who had been a very bellicose hawk in Vietnam before a
suspicious Damascus Road conversion to pacifism, and then published in the
US establishment press ? similarly to Assange today. There was nothing in
the Pentagon papers which a casual reader of LeMonde or Corriere della
Sera did not already know. But, as Mort Sahl later said, left liberals
have generally had very few heroes, so they battened on to Ellsberg and
lionized him ? led by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and some others. (This is
a syndrome which we see again today: at the moment when Obama?s
treacherous sellout on the Bush tax cuts was providing a final
disillusionment for many gullible left libs, Assange arrived on the scene
as their new Savior. Not by chance, Ellsberg has now designated Assange as
his own reincarnation, and thus surely the new Messiah.)

The Pentagon papers had been carefully selected by the CIA itself to cover
up CIA war crimes in Vietnam, blaming these on the US Army wherever
possible, while also obscuring the CIA?s massive program of drug
production and narcotics smuggling. The Pentagon Papers systematically hid
the salient political fact of the entire Vietnam era, which is that
President John F. Kennedy before he was assassinated was preparing to end
the de facto US combat role in that country. Instead, Kennedy was
systematically demonized and smeared, emerging as the villain of the
piece. Needless to say, the Pentagon papers throw no light whatsoever on
the CIA role in the Kennedy assassination ? in the same way that Assange?s
various document dumps tell us nothing of importance about 9/11, the Rabin
assassination, Iran-contra, the 1999 bombing of Serbia, the Kursk
incident, the various CIA color revolutions, or many of the other truly
big covert operations of the past decades.

The limited hangout is not new; it was described in a secret memorandum by
Venetian intelligence chief Paolo Sarpi to the Venetian Senate in 1620 as
the art of ?saying something good about somebody while pretending to be
saying something bad.? That is the common denominator of the CIA?s limited
hangout operations from Ellsberg to Philip Agee to Assange, with so many
other ?former? CIA operatives turned ?whistleblowers? along the way.
&#8232;1 John Young of Cryptome, ??Internet a very large-scale spying
machine? ? info leaking site co-founder,? RT, 29 December, 2010, at


meanwhile, in Libya, Colonel Khezeffi tries out a politicological novum:
the Zombie state (beta versions in Burma and N.Korea)
(or is it over by now?)

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