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Re: <nettime> Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Canât Find You

Il 19/02/2011 11:23, nettime's avid reader ha scritto:
> NYT, February 15, 2011
> On Tuesday afternoon, as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke in
> Washington about the Internet and human liberty, a Columbia law professor
> in Manhattan, Eben Moglen, was putting together a shopping list to rebuild
> the Internet â this time, without governments and big companies able to
> watch every twitch of our fingers.
> The list begins with âcheap, small, low-power plug servers,â Mr. Moglen
> said. âA small device the size of a cellphone charger, running on a low-
> power chip. You plug it into the wall and forget about it.â

what about Osiris?

It seems a pretty interesting step towards decentralization

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