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Re: <nettime> Ippolita Colective: The Dark Side of Google (Chapter 1, first part)

The translation seems great to me!

Nowhere could one find a better example of a second-order 
cybernetic enterprise, with its propensity to exercise power 
not over the players like you and me, but over "the rules of 
the game," as Foucault once put it. This is the ongoing 
quest of Google, to create the environment in which the 
entire global consuming class now spends -- accent on the 
"spends" -- a significant amount of its time. The dark side 
of this equation is simply the unrealized obscurity of all 
that you can never be, when you must evolve within the 
parameters that someone else has set to keep you in their 
order. Escape the overcode, indeed.

best wishes and good luck with the following chapters!


Patrice and the Diiiinos wrote:

>> A few additions to my previous mail. This is very much a translation in
>> progress, in need of further clearing-up. To start with the title: since I
>> translate in first instance from the French version (published 2008 by
>> Payot, Paris, transl. Maxime Rovere) I got carried away by 'La Face cachee
>> ...', but Ippolita's own English translation of the title is 'The Dark
>> Side ...'). As in Dark Side of the Moon of course, though I prefer the
>> Italian title "Umbre e Lucci..."  - Lights and Shadows (vv) of Google...
>> Further cabalistic signs:
>  <...>

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