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<nettime> CFP: new MIT Press series: Information Society Series

     The MIT Press Information Society Series -- An Interdisciplinary
     Series on Technology, Law, and Society Series Editors, Laura
     DeNardis and Michael Zimmer

     We are delighted to announce the formation of the MIT Press
     Information Society Series -- an interdisciplinary series on
     technology, law, and society.  The Information Society Series
     will address the social, legal, and policy implications of the
     Internet and new information technologies and will especially
     feature works from the growing global ranks of interdisciplinary
     scholars in information schools; communications departments;
     science, technology, and society programs; and programs in law,
     technology, and culture.

     We are now accepting book proposals for the series.  Preference
     will be given to monographs rather than edited volumes and books
     that are interdisciplinary, normative, and global in scope. Book
     proposals should include: 1) a prospectus (brief description,
     outstanding features and uniqueness of work, audience and market
     considerations, status of book, and recommended reviewers); 2) a
     detailed table of contents; 3) sample chapters; and 4) the
     author's curriculum vitae.  Please submit completed proposals to
     laura.denardis@yale.edu and zimmerm@uwm.edu. 

     Thanks, Laura and Michael

     Laura DeNardis, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Yale
     Information Society Project and a Lecturer at Yale Law School.  

     Michael Zimmer, Ph.D.  is an Assistant Professor in the School of
     Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and
     an associate at the Center for Information Policy Research.


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