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Re: <nettime> Ippolita Colective: The Dark Side of Google (Chapter 1, first part)

Hey hello,

good that someone is translating such book, finally.
"Luci ed ombre di Google" (="Google's lights and shadows") is not the
Italian title, it is title that Feltrinelli, the publisher, imposed to the
Ippolita collective.
The Italian 'codename', that was used compiling and reviewing the text,
was always the English "The Dark side of Google".

It is also nice to add that the book and Ippolita as a network of writers
was experimenting with collective writing using online techniques, wiki in
the specific (riso).

The authors consider the work as a work in progress and there exist no
final version of it, as a wiki is always a draft.
(Off course the paper is final, but a final draft, not a final oeuvre).


> A few additions to my previous mail. This is very much a translation in
> progress, in need of further clearing-up. To start with the title: since I
> translate in first instance from the French version (published 2008 by
> Payot, Paris, transl. Maxime Rovere) I got carried away by 'La Face cachee
> ...', but Ippolita's own English translation of the title is 'The Dark
> Side ...'). As in Dark Side of the Moon of course, though I prefer the
> Italian title "Umbre e Lucci..."  - Lights and Shadows (vv) of Google...
> Further cabalistic signs:

6DD4 2D4C

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