Tim Pozar on Fri, 23 May 2008 14:05:49 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Steve Cisler

I am very sorry to hear about Steve's passing.  I do remember Steve as 
being very kind hearted and one of the biggest advocates of electronic 
libraries.  He was a fore runner to things like Internet Archive.

My best wishes to his family.


Eileen Clegg wrote:

>Steve Cisler was a lovely human being whose presence helped create and 
>sustain communities. He was involved with EOE (Spohrer?s Education 
>Object Economy group) some years back, and other very early communities 
>of practice connecting technology/learning/social networks.  Yes, 
>organic is a good word for his approach, his gentle influence on 
>technology and people.
>On 5/19/08 10:22 PM, "Mark Petrakis" <spoon@well.com> wrote:
>    Steve Cisler was a talented and gracious man who contributed much to
>    the culture and thought around community and networks.
>    He was a FutureCommons member as well as a sly storyteller. I expect
>    he would have appreciated this "slow work" thread.
>    /-m
>    /
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>        Steve Cisler passed away on Thursday 15 May, from a medical condition
>        he'd known about for several years, which had worsened over the last
>        several months. His wife, Nancy, said that he was with his entire
>        family -- which had grown in the last few years -- and that he was
>        relaxed and accepting as his health faded. 
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