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<nettime> The Steve Cisler Condolence Blog

From: Jean Armour Polly <>
Date: May 22, 2008 8:33:51 AM EDT
To: David Farber <>
Subject: Blog re Steve Cisler passes

Dave, please place on IP, Vint said he had not heard about it yet and  
I am sure many many of your readers will want to know.

There is a new blog for condolences and memories about Steve Cisler,  
who passed last week.

He served on the board of the Internet Society, and was among the  
first people lobbying for the allocation of radio spectrum for  
wireless computer networks-an effort that led to the establishment of  
the 802.11b standard commonly used today.

He worked for the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at  
Santa Clara University on a project to network the Tech Award  
Laureates (25 each year) from 2001 to the  
present. They have a photo and article up about his work at http://

Steve was extremely well-known in community networking movements  
around the globe.

Steve was a Senior Scientist at Apple Library for many years and ran  
the Apple Library of Tomorrow project, which made grants to places as  
diverse as the Pueblo of Zuni and the Library of Congress.

A frequent conference speaker, he was also admired for his pithy trip  
reports about travel to some remote (and not so remote) community  
networking efforts.

He also served in the Peace Corps and in the US Coast Guard.

A memorial celebration is planned for June 2 in the San Jose area.


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