porculus on Thu, 23 Mar 2006 21:17:46 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> footnotes to geert lovink

> it's more than cynism, it's sacrifice

beyond cynism is sacrifice..so after to make of yourself a kind of scapegoat
perfectly bleating & resounding idiotie of france you would need to seal
your month with such ballthinggag of sm & then an as black foucald as a crow
(with some prokofiev music) will come to flog you to blood for showing to
the entire world how much you are now a dumb airtight bag holding all the
bad & imbecility, so embeded in your flesh your body would be an again shut
up pandorabox of all the illness & cretinerie for the sake of all of us.
wundergreat..accept i play ponitus pilatus  & i commande on write up
your crux 'bruno the king of idiots"..of course then you would right say,
"no no i want on write 'bruno self claimed king of idiot for the sake of
real idiots' " in order i could place my ultimate 'no, it's too long for
the board!'.. i think near such new piece, william would be def a wimp

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