martin hardie on Thu, 23 Mar 2006 09:38:46 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> this made me smile

dear nettimers

i apologise for my prolonged silence and lack of care for you all :-)

lunch time today we were greeted here in the basque country by the news of the eta
ceasefire. its good news but what follows i am sure will be harder than the
'struggle' to this point. anyway the news was broken by Gara, a local basque
newspaper closley allie= d with the ezkerda abertzale (patriotic left), the banned
party, batasuna etc etc ... on the gara front page is/was a link
to the video of the eta announcement when i tried to
follow the share link the video in flash format took me to = a web page on your
tube dot com
%2Fbideoa%2Ehtm#comment its nice to see that you tube provide such a frinedly and
timely service to those in need of alternate media outlets! thats all it made me
smile Martin
 About YouTube

Founded in February 2005, by early commerce pioneers of PayPal, YouTube is a
consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos worldwide
through a Web experience. Prior to YouTube, there was no easy way for individuals
to share video on the Web. Dealing with hundreds of multimedia formats, massive
file sizes and difficult uploading methods made sharing personal video clips on
the Web a daunting task for even the most tech-savvy individual.

With its revolutionary technology, YouTube has given people the ability to easily,
upload, tag and share video clips through, across the Internet, and
through email as well as to create their own personal video network. With over 25
million videos served up daily and investment support from Sequoia Capital,
YouTube is set to become the Internet's premier video service.

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