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ASCII Map "theoretical Mediapractice now" 0.3

                                            | Interlinking of media  |
                                            | practice with explicit |
                                            | political practice     |
                                      WC 2006[1]     /
                                        /           /
     Riots { Paris Nov. 2005 ==>> Berlin June 2006 ?
                         De-Code          |              "Our Medium
                                \         |              can be every
                                 \        V              wall"[2]
                                  »Our Medium must           |
     There is no total            must[3] be every <---------'
     convergence of media         network[4]«
     in the computer.[5]         /
                          Production ---> productive term of the media
                               |          instead of operational
                               |          or performatively ![6]
                         ? <---'---> Theory is media related *practice*
[1] FIFA soccer World Cup? in Germany.
[2] This was a political graffitti in the city of Kassel (Germany) from
the late 1970ies to the early 1990ies.
[3] A double anticipating imperative: networks have to become our medium
of production, because they are the most developed technological
multimedium and this is a must, and therefore a social force, because
they are the most developed cultural technical multimedium.
[4] Or: Our medium can be every form
[5] The computer is *universel* but not *universal*, it can not deal
with every media related context in a digital way (the event-problem).
This has consequences for the thesis that, with the computer, we knew
now - in a McLuhanianistic way of thinking - only formats, which
function as manifestations or carriers of the different documents of the
mediality, and no more media. Because if seperate media practices fall
not into the "realm of the computer" they do not have to be thought
compellingly as formats of the data processing of the computer. The Pope
of the formats can announce the dogma thus only within the _Church of
the Technical Media_ and only in an absolute and absolutistic
relationship to the god's son the universal medium computer,
along-invented by the priests.
[6] Because media are productive, i.e. their products are effects and
connections, as well as and because it concerns its production processes
as well as the pertinent production conditions which are subordinate to
the expropriation on the part of the academic-culturalistic and/or
economic elites (consider the bloody media practices of the bourgeoisie
in the french banlieus and the answers of local social-starved masses).

Berlin, 10.11.2005 13:01

(c) n0name

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