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> 1) what is it?
> 2) why is it art?
> 3) is programming art?
> 4) why are you doing that?
> 5) who is paying for such a s**t ?
> 6) do you make a lot of money with your art?
> 7) are you famous?
> 8) what are you talking about?
> 9) are you a hacker ? (read: are you a criminal/ terrorist?)
> 10) have you ever had sex?

pfa - sex. du = knou veri verdi + well - new media artists have interactive massively participative + collaborative sex
whilst state of the budget sensors + electrodes embelish every feasible government financed orifice ... 
male.prostitution is the future [tm]

NN - I have wings. Every angel is terrifying. 

                velvet touch. if it compliments yours - please keep it.

                        you are very intelligent.

                        do you think i am deceiving you +?

                                when you're not with me i begin to hate you.

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