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<nettime> Border Crossroads - Rising Resistance to Corporate Globalisation

Here's an article I co-wrote for mute magazine.


Desert Crossroads
Rising Resistance to Corporate Globalisation and Deadly Borders

by o.r.g.a.n.i.c.

'As xenophobic border regimes around the world rigidify, activist groups
are joining forces to denounce them and the neoliberal economics on
which they stand. Amidst a worsening climate of vigilantism, San Diego
based anarchist collective o.r.g.a.n.i.c. report on recent antiborder
actions in the towns, desert wastelands and graveyards along the
US/Mexico border'

You know that you live in the desert when your car collects a thick coat
of yellow dust if it goes without a regular wash. Living in the area of
the borderlands currently known as San Diego, you cannot help but notice
this. The desert is like that: it plays a huge role in any story about
the US/Mexico border area. Most of that border is embodied in a vast,
hot, deadly desert. Day after day, people die trying to migrate across
that line into the United States. Many people living in these
borderlands continue to take action against the border as well as the
ideas and individuals that seek to uphold it. There are endless groups
that take these tasks upon themselves. Below are some stories and
thoughts put together from members of one of these groups, the
o.r.g.a.n.i.c. collective.


about Mute:

"Mute magazine was founded in 1994* to discuss the interrelationship of
art and new technologies. Together with the web platform Metamute, it
now contributes more broadly to debates on culture, politics and
globalisation. In 2001, Mute initiated sister projects OpenMute and
YouAreHere to share the internet tools and knowledge associated with its
own development (OpenMute), and to support local networking initiatives
in the East End of London (YouAreHere). At this point, Mute also
committed itself over the longer term to a participative working model*,
the principles of open organisations*, and free software*."



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what more will it take?
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