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RE: <nettime> 12th night

Thanks for this Brian.  I have a couple of questions,
addressed to you as well as anyone else who might have a
take on them but, first, a couple of remarks.

: No one will miss the historical irony: the
: emergency powers on which the curfew is
: based come from a 1955 law that was drafted for
: application in the colony of
: Algeria.

In this regard, might I mention Lorenzo Veracini's
"Colonialism Brought Home" up on Boderlands,

The other thing worth noting is Thierry Bardini's
description of the riots as 'flashmobs', in the most recent
CTheory entry: http://ctheory.net

Anyway, you noted the recent privatisation of electricity,
which forms something of the political-economy in which the
more spectacular moment of the riots exists in.  What I
wanted to ask is whether there is anything worth reading
about the political-economy of informal labour, as well as
the informal and/or illegalised economy, that surrounds the
estates, particularly in relation to income supports (or the
absence of them).  Perhaps this is a question about the
relation between 'precarity' (as well as its more explicitly
'activist' milieu of the EuroMayDay protests) and the riots.
There are obviously connections to be made, but they seem
(from this distance at least) to exist in quite different
spaces and registers.

The other question is whether anyone has considered the
implications of recent events in relation to the French vote
against the EU constitution, particularly given the
complaints that this vote signalled a kind of nationalist
protectionism, but also and not least, because the sense of
'the French vote' assumes that all of those in France voted.
Am I right in assuming that the voter turnout from the cites
was low?


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