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Re: <nettime> 12th night

> After living in Paris for almost a decade, I have come to cherish the
> palpable existence of a 'public', of the public thing, res publica,
> that everyone belongs to and can contest the politicians' claim to
> own. I knew something like it when I grew up in Manchester after the
> war and I thought it had gone for ever. I would like to see a real
> debate about how such a social vision might be affirmed while
> responding to the deep causes of the riots. But I am not holding my
> breath.

& you were right so much it's bad for rosy & lovely complexion.  ho you
could see these 'riot', these blue nights, as said corsican as an
'appeal to', i mean for the moment suchexpression respect some
'protocole'. 'an appeal to' mean it could exist an interlocutor who
could 'decode' the message up the even law itself, kind = of nation that
do them etc. it's possible you are right & many hope so. afte= r all to
show the force of doing it as something as a national sport, there= is
for the moment rather exceptionnal few human dammage, even if one cant
neglect them of course, is some proof of it. i mean of the still
existenc= e of your res publica for all, but what about its pretorians
so said for al= l ?  juicy called 'the gallics' by those who stigmatize
this french 'deep core= '.  but as you know  'our ancestor the gallics'
as french school learnt, up t= o the equator circle sometimes, without
any doubt of ridicul during the tim= es of colony was even not true for
80% of the metropolitan french population..was in some way a white lie,
a 'white' lie for this common re= s publica you praise, i mean able to
take also recent colonial historie as part of all..this job done for
making at last real national politics : seeing more than less that the
burning car sport take place in place of higher unemployed rate (3x or
4x the national average). it's simple. but 'gallic' could shine now also
as a word of back fire to deny this ridicoulous nation of gallic that
even cant count its own except in a show of of contempt & denial & scorn
for those who believe to such inanity good enuf for trapin= g & fooling
the had idiots, enuf idiot for burning their own car or those of their
relative.  in other words does it exist the times of our ancestors = the
gallic or is it just a sinister comic strip politic for old people club
&= a sale pitch for flogging plunk & lvmh trinket...  ..zis super long
blah, coz i see a real link with the no vote to the european
constitution (both then in zis 2 ways transposable of course) which was
not just to shoot  in ones' foot no more, cause it was so said = a geste
against one's own interest too: is it existing our european 'res
publica' or is it an hackneyed refrain, an all damien hirst design set
furniture for old people's house made for aging & diing quiet as a club
of the 120 journees & apres moi le deluge?

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