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Re: <nettime> Landscape Painting of the Information Age

>> The only artist, as far as I know, who
>> literally creates landscape painting of the
>> information age is Wolfgang Staehle.

Herr Ding grumbled something in German when he read this then went out 
to stand on a rocky shore contemplating the sublime. Or maybe he just 
went to get coffee.

He creates, to use Flusser's term, "technical images" -- surfaces that 
are dependent on linear text. While they are technically sophisticated 
that isn't the first thing you notice about them and I'm sure many 
people think the real-time projections are videos. In this sense he is 
very much in the tradition of Church and other Hudson River landscape 
painters and like Church he controls where, when and how his work is 
seen. Because of this the work doesn't have the overbearing aura of 
"digital art" that other similar work does. Then again, he's just as 
much in the tradition of the text and language arm of Conceptual art 
as, say ,Lawrence Weiner. That's a sweet spot to be in.

Oh, BTW: Free Asher B. Durand's "Kindred Spirits" from Wal-Mart's evil 

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