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Re: <nettime> Landscape Painting of the Information Age

John Haber has just come out with an essay on representation of data as 
'digital landscapes'  that thinks through some interesting complexitie
- <>

He asks about the 'truth' in data representation and discusses narrative 
and memory in this context.

following through a discourse on Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries, Casey Reas, 
Sol LeWitt, and Kysa Johnson.

> Every trace attests to an absence, the presence that left its 
> impression in memory. Database-driven art, too, attests to 
> dissociation and loss. Like a mask, it becomes a repository of signs =
> unmoored from their source, now in the disorienting setting of a flat =
> panel and a hidden central processor. Like documentary photography, it
> can numb by sheer repetition, now at a lightning pace. Like painting, =
> it promises a higher reality, but now in the virtual space of 
> science-fiction scenarios. Like all of these, it creates an 
> architecture of the past, even when it most claims to authenticate the
> present.
  The film in question is  SALT , online at 

Christina McPhee


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