philip pocock on Sat, 21 May 2005 11:22:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Landscape Painting of the Information Age

i partly agree with david garcia - banality is more effective and
perhaps affective in landscape. the quandary remains though whether
romanticism can be consciously eradicated. there is no art work i can
think of at the moment in any medium relaing to landscape, urban
landscape photo, land art, installation, cybertravel, even extreme
nothingness, emptiness or pure time - that cannot be accused of
pertaining somehow to the romantic. why? because romanticism is kindled,
stoked and evoked in the viewer. for an artist to pander romanticism is
sentimental at best. the art is in the beholder and that can not be
easily overwritten, even by the slyest dryest conceptual work. Tony
Smith could be an example how minimalism can be romantic and
expressively charged - if the viewer wishes to acknowledge that aspect,
and i mena, in their own self. it's how the viewer chooses to see it,
and one can not simply ignore that, and if the work has something to
say, it should not be an issue. the viewer/participant will scan try
many viewpoints if the artist is not pandering to the romantic. and
whatever witty, banal or paradoxical concept returns to the top. i didnt
read armin as waxing pathos in his thread-starter, and its actually been
a good thread so far.

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