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Re: <nettime> Naive Things

I'm partly with you - I _don't_ have time for these 
discussions, but I need them badly - and partly against your 
point. It is clear that sustainability comes at a price, but 
doesn't this indicate that future developments in the 
autonomous field should work on a more temporary, nomadic 
level? Maybe it's a question of recognising and accepting the 
limits of autonomy, and moving within them.

It's quite an issue, which was deeply discussed at a recent 
summit at the Madrid Medialab (Inke Arns, Peter Kluitenmberg, 
Sebastian Luetgert, etc.)It's perfectly clear that _any_ 
project has a limited useful life-span, so long-term 
sustainability might not turn out to be the paradise we 
imagine. At the same time, it is important to know at which 
point is a project to be abandoned, and when to move on. 

What I'm trying to imagine is some kind of sustained activity 
which could materialise in a series of static, strategic 
projects with a limited lifespan. I'm still only trying, 

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