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Re: <nettime> Naive Things

Maybe we are naive when we keep avoiding a main
question: most of our radical/independent/alternative
projects are not sustainable. They are cool, they are
clever, they are useful, they are radical... but they
are not sustainable.

Therefore sooner or later we must bury them (if they
don't bury us before), which is not helpful at all for
creating and consolidating appropriate conditions for
our sustainable project farming... 

... Or we find an intravenous input of money/time
afforded by a public or private institution that needs
to fund projects like ours for many various purposes.
Most of these purposes are not helpful at all for
creating and consolidating appropriate conditions for
our sustainable project farming. 

Thus, we keep trapped in this double hole of
massochist independence or welfare remorse. We almost
never talk about these holes because we are so busy
pushing the pragmatic short-term present of our
projects and discussing the theoretical long-term
future... of everything but our projects.

And when we speak about the issues around
sustainability in our projects we generally end up
pointing with our fingers others' massochism or

Question: is anyone discussing specifically this
subject trying to achieve sustainable models for
independent projects? 

Yes? Then please send URL.

No? Then... would anyone want to start a long term
discussion or workshop focused on the sustainability
of independent projects?

If your answer is 'Yes, I would but I don't have the
time' then you *really* need this discussion getting
started and achieving results.

Quim Gil

> When do radical
> processes become part of production and therefore
> stop to be radical? The
> definition of ethic space in radical action is the
> most difficult value to
> establish. But working "inside" the system and
> produce alternative values
> is something we are watching costantly. The problem
> is: "Are we so Naive?"
> Lorenzo Taiuti

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