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[ah. now that a group of very dedicated protesters have busted out some 
people from the desert camps, the recriminations begin. the federal 
minister ruddock, a cadaverous right-winger, has accused the south 
australian state police of not acting earlier enough to aid the federal 
police in stopping the protesters -- the camps are on federally 
controlled land and paid and policed by federal goons -- and is now 
making very strong statements on australians aiding these people who 
have been freed. it brings to mind other regimes where people have aided 
or hidden those being sought - jews/intellectuals/ethnic minorities 
etc - disgraceful. ]

Ruddock warns against helping escapees

April 1 2002

Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock today warned that Australians 
harbouring escaped asylum seekers from the Woomera detention centre 
could face harsh penalties.

Fourteen asylum seekers remain at large after protesters helped more 
than 50 escape from the South Australian centre on Friday.

Mr Ruddock said the escapees could face up to five years in jail if 

"They (Australian citizens) face similar penalties, harbouring is 
considered a very serious offence,'' Mr Ruddock told Melbourne radio 3AW.

"I don't know the precise penalty, but I'd imagine it'd be in the same 
order as the escapees."

Mr Ruddock also reiterated his criticism of the police handling of the 

He said he believed the police should have moved more quickly against 
the protesters, especially as it appeared they had planned to help 
inmates escape.

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Posted: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 13:48 ACST

Rann demands Ruddock apologise to SA police

South Australian premier Mike Rann is calling for Federal Immigration 
Minister Philip Ruddock to apologise to the state's police force.

Mr Ruddock has been critical of the force for not intervening early 
enough in the protests outside the centre this weekend.

That has prompted Mr Rann to renew his call for compensation from the 
Federal Government for policing and other services being provided by the 
state to the Woomera Detention Centre.

Mr Rann says the criticism came at a time when South Australian police 
were having urine and missiles thrown at them at Woomera.

He says police are being diverted from other vital state duties.

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