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RE: <nettime> Francis Fukuyama vs Reality

Regarding Fukuyama, Joy, et al., I would highly recommend reading Arthur
C. Clarke's book titled "Profiles for the Future," which was written in
the  1960s. Clarke, as usual, was way ahead of his time...


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Subject: <nettime> Francis Fukuyama vs Reality

Well... in a case that makes most of the bickering between the "Old 
Left" and "New Left" look like the absurd meaningless conflict that 
it is... thumbs vs cell phones vs "public funding" c'mon - Fukuyama 
who rose to prominence in Right wing circles with his "The End of 
History..." is back at it - this time maybe he's on the side of the 
"thumb tribe" - after all, he's President Bush's advisor on science 
and bio-ethics... what a world... between knuckleheads on the Left 
being uncertain about how to make money, versus knuckleheads on the 
Right who pretty much have no problem with destroying the planet... 
what's a young kid to do in this day and age... Join the army? Write 
meaningless reviews for the Village Voice (ha!) or go to a party? You 
just some thoughts...


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