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Re: <nettime> Mutella #5

begin  jeffrey fisher quotation:

> per this particular bit (below), note in the same vein megamonster
> mcdonald's's (??) acquisition of chipotle mexican grill. you only
> know it's mcdonald's because you read somewhere that it was ought by
> mcdonald's. you won't see any mcdonald's branding anywhere in that
> store's premises or its merchandising (t-shirts, etc.).

	The machinations of holding companies, consolidated
conglomerates, and megacorporations are tough to pin down.  But once
you draw a map, you notice that most things funnel up to only a
handful of companies.  

	I remember being thoroughly confused when I learned that all
these companies that were owned by Disney were also owned by ABC.
Anyone here remember the old Mary Tyler Moore show?  All companies
were "a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ramjak corporation."

	Just wait, and Ramjak will rise.

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