Risque ][of][ N.fection on Fri, 6 Jul 2001 20:31:01 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Questioning the net

...there seems to b a dis.tinct lack of vision regarding any forms that
break the mold or r even slightly skewed away from the predictable.....

...endings and beginnings, the eternal hook......

...its strange - & i mite b slightly addled about this - but the further we
progress along a new media ad][d][.here.nce route, the greater ][seems][
the creative tendency to crawl backwards in2 the canon cave whilst throwing
tentative angular projections in2 the progressive ether...

[hold on, let me dis.N.gage my Poetrix;)]
...wot i'm trying to communicate is that i'm sensing a type of rigidity in
the network....that the medium is now somewot stained by corporate gluttony
N regular seductions back to the tangible, the known.......

..although i realise that most of the art/literary market/scene haven't
even began pushing 2wards/grappling with this "new" medium, its seems 2 be
sliding slowly out of site....with the traditional pathways of recognition,
segmentation, labelling & individualistic absorption manifest][er][ing...we
seem 2 be e.turn.ally bound within capitalistic parameters....gender
segregations....minority occlusions....

...currently the net seems 2 b lapping against banal shores. ore does it?

in hope of discussion,

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