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<nettime> Introduction to Greenstar


This is an introduction to Greenstar.  We have two living laboratories in
progress in a small Palestinian village in the Middle East, and in a rural
village in the hills of Jamaica, which I believe may interest you. 

We're trying to demonstrate that a co-ordinated package of solar power,
health and education, telecommunications and ecommerce can provide an
off-the-grid community with the tools it needs to transform itself, and to
reach economic independence. 

As the foundation of an ecommerce business for the village, we have
developed original art and music in this village, and are now offering it
on the Web.  The income goes directly into development projects designed
by the village. 

Twenty original Bedouin musical pieces and eighteen pieces created in
Swift River, Jamaica, can be heard at: 


And you can also see the artwork created by the people of the small
Palestinian village for Greenstar: 


The San Jose Mercury-News ran a story in a recent edition, after a visit
to the West Bank by one of their reporters. It says, in part: 

"This is so important for us," said the village's English teacher,
Suleiman Najada, who now uses a computer to print out test papers and to
look up information for the first time in his career. "We are very far
from the world. But now we feel like we are at the center of the world." 

The complete text of the Mercury-News article can be seen at: 


Two current newsletters can be seen at: 


We are preparing to scale this model to other countries in the Middle East
and the Caribbean, and to other regions of the world. Expressions of
interest in partnering with Greenstar have come in from over 30 countries. 

Our next projects will be in Tanzania, Egypt and Nepal. 

We are actively seeking partners who wish to develop renewable energy,
telecommunications and ecommerce activities in all regions of the
developing world, and welcome any questions or ideas from you. Please feel
free to forward this note to others of like mind. 

I'd like to send you periodic updates on Greenstar, wholly without
obligation of course. 

Michael North
Director, Greenstar

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