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<nettime> THE THING [newsletter]

THE THING [newsletter]                           May7, 2000
Vol.2, Nr.1




Postmasters Gallery presents a unique exhibition, IMPACT MANAGEMENT: 
etoy.CORPORATION IN MANHATTAN between April 29 and May 11, 2000.  The
public opening was followed with an awards ceremony for etoy shareholders
and toywar heroes.  Entertainment was provided by DJ Spooky's remix of the
etoy.LULLABIES CD. Shares and CDs at:>>at>>>postmasters>>>>459>>W>>19>>>street>>>>>>>>>>>

[2] Hell for sale

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (Business Wire) - Hell is for sale!
(, the leading broker and appraiser of premier internet
domain names, announced today that it has signed an exclusive contract
with The ( to broker the sale of, one
of the Internet's legendary addresses. 

Considered by branding experts to be one of the most powerful and
recognized words in the world, "hell" is about to conjure a new meaning -
"money!"  That's because the Internet domain name "" is
anticipated to sell at auction for a record-breaking, multi-million-dollar
price in excess of $8 million.


Miltos Manetas - Super Mario Sleeping 
Daniel Pflumm - Neu
Heidrun Hozfeind - Starring TV Clips.
Vinyl Video - Order Now [video]

[video {live}]

Monday, May 7, 5pm EST 
Live from New York, it's Super-Collider!  GH interviews the 
etoy.MANAGMENT.  Clips from the opening and shareholders party
at Postmasters. All Collider productions are netcast live from
THE THING's Chelsea studio.  Scholars and archeologists may dig
for archived shows in the [video {archive}]. All audio and video 
netcasts require a real player G2.  Watch for announcements
on THE THING's welcome page.



Assoziations-Blaster by Alvar Freude and Dragan Espenschied

The Assoziations-Blaster is a text-network that connects texts through
automatic non-linear real-time linking. Anybody can enter new text via the
WWW-interface, the Blast-Engine at once establishes links to other related
entries. With a growing text database, the Assoziations-Blaster becomes a
tool to reveal how all things are related. 



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