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<nettime> Re: It's not me it's my genes, or is it my memes? cest la vie

 Ana Viseu

>It's not me it's my genes, or is it my memes?

 Joy Garnett 

>the dog was still alive.

 Joy Garnett 

>The main problem with the current genetic model is it's 
>failure to acknowledge the other, 
>far more elusive half of the Equation of Life :
>Dead or alive: same DNA. Ha! 

 Joy Garnett 

>Actually, it could be just our jeans...

organisms are open systems with orifices through which both energy and
matter may flow.  photosynthesis involves flow of gases through stomata. 
sex is merely a flow of matter and dissipation of energy. sex exists
because the organisms that reproduce sexually have survived. it has no
inherent advantage over asexual reproduction -

when the xy-male konglomerat packs and the mmedia are exclaiming triumphal
- it is dze ultra zeit to innervate the cortical pyramidal neurons. to
accelerate intraspecific competition.  to invade the biomass with asexual
mutants. the allele that confers a two-fold advantage in growth rate per
capita + doubles its representation in the population each generation.

 "It comes as a powder that gets cloudy when you add water" 
                                        (!)  joy garnett

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