roland6 guei on Wed, 13 Nov 2002 16:31:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] URGENT RESPONSE

>From : Mr.Roland guei ,
Abidjan Cote d Ivoire.
West Africa .

Dear sir,
Permit me to unveil this business proposal to you which I
hope it will meet you in good faith.
I am Mr. Roland guei the son to Dr. guei John who was
the managing director to a leading export company in the
ivory coast, on the 24th march 2001 my father attended the
annual general meeting of all the export companies in the
country and unfortunately he was poisoned by his business
rivals and later died in the hospital.
But, before the death o my father after staying in
bed for three days, he told me been the only child that he
deposited US$24.000.000 in a bank here in the country with
my name as beneficiary and he advise me to look for a co-
beneficiary abroad to transfer this fund for investment .
Presently, the members of the extended family has claimed
the export company and my fathers business rivals who
knows about this fund is looking me and my mother in other
to claim this money which is the reason that father was
Based on our ignorant in the international business of
sort, I here by solicit for your urgent assistance as the
co-beneficiary to transfer this fund to a safe and secure
bank account abroad as I want you to furnish me with your
1)	Residential address.
2)	Phone and fax numbers.
3)	Bank a/c numbers and name.
For further proceedings as I wait for your soonest
Please, I dont want neither third party nor publicity of
any kind in this business transaction as I have mapped out
5% and 15% of this US$24.000.000 for your expenses and
benefit respectively as you will also assist us to join
as soon as this money is transferred.

Thanks in advance as I wait for you soonest response.


Mr.Roland Guei
For the family.
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