Olu Williams on Sat, 2 Nov 2002 09:41:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Urgent Response

Dear Sir,
It is my warmest pleasure writing you this business
letter with a view that you will accept my request and
give me a positive response hence time is essence. 
I am Olu Williams a member of contract award committee with the
federal ministry of agriculture Nigeria. By the virtue
of our position and the power bestowed on us by the
government, we carefully and deliberately over
invoiced the value of some contracts that we award to
some foreign contractors to the tune of twelve
million, five hundred thousand united state dollars

Now the contracts have been fully executed and
commission and payments are about to be made to all
the contractors who have successfully executed their
contracts, the over invoiced sum of (US$12,500.000.00)
is what we want to transfer out of our country for our
own benefit. Unfortunately, as civil servants, we are
not permitted by law to operate offshore accounts,
this has constituted a major hindrance to our plan in
transferring this fund out of our country and to this
end, my colleagues have mandated me to look for an
honest and trustworthy foreign partner who will assist
us to provide offshore account to receive the fund on
our behalf for our mutual benefit.Hence we are seeking
your assistance. My colleagues and I have agreed that
the owner of the account will be compensated with
(20%) of the total sum for providing account, 80% for
me and my colleagues.

Note that we have done our homework very well in our
country, this transaction is safe and guaranteed 100%
risk free. If you are interested please send down to
us account information, so that we will start approval
process of the fund on your behalf from the relevant
authorities, including the federal ministry of
finance, which will allocate you and your company
foreign exchange cover $12, 500.000.00 for the
immediate release of this fund into your account by
the Central Bank of Nigeria.
We will visit you immediately we conclude the
transaction to collect and invest part of the share
into any viable business you may advice in your
country. We will also buy industrial goods for a
resale here in Nigeria. Please ensure to treat this
matter in strict privacy, as we have to protect our
job as Civil Servants. I await your urgent response.
Yours faithfully,
Olu Williams

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