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[Nettime-bold] today: Jihui - Digital Salon presents Brad Paley Friday, November1, 2002, 7PM

Jihui - Digital Salon 
presents Brad Paley
Friday, November 1, 2002, 7PM
moderated by Christiane Paul

Brad will discuss and demonstrate his "toys" (including work installed at
Tonic, a downtown experimental music venue), his design work (including work
done for the Museum of Modern Art and tools that are being used on a daily
basis on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange), and his art work
(including TextArc, soon to be installed in the New York Public Library; and
CodeProfiles, a commission for the Whitney Museum of American Art). 

He'll outline his mind-science inspired "Designer's Checklist" or "Knowledge
Acquisition Pipeline" -- a synthesis of ideas ranging from Psychophysics
through the Cognitive Neurosciences to Psycholinguistics (but without the
big words) - which helps him to focus on human mechanisms of understanding
in very specific ways. He will show how it works vis-a-vis the
demonstrations and how it directly dictates the kinds of craft needed to
reach his objective: information-rich displays that still retain the calm
layering of information and depth of meaning visible in natural scenes. 

Brad will also talk about the distinctions and overlaps between toys,
design, and art. He hopes that discussion with the audience will help test
and clarify those distinctions.

Parsons Center for New Design 
Friday, November 1, 2002 7 PM 
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl. 
New York, NY 10011 
Live Webcast starts 7pm EST. 
Live Webcast @ http://netart-init.org starts 7pm EST. 

jihui (the meeting point), a self-regulated digital salon, invites all
interested people to send ideas for discussion/performance/etc.
jihui is where your voice is heard and your vision shared. 
jihui is sponsored by Digital Design Department and Center for New Design @
Parsons School of Design 
jihui is organized by agent.netart, a joint public program by NETART

W. Bradford Paley is an artist and interaction designer whose focus in both
worlds is the visual interpretation of patterns hidden in information. His
work has three primary goals: to create visual filters which let different
subjects express their differences; to make the work readable enough that
the viewer can gain specific insights; and to reveal complexity in a way
that's matched to human perceptual abilities. His visual representations are
inspired by the calm but richly layered information in natural scenes. He
tries to build with the simplest filters, as if to say "look how little the
filter is doing--the beauty must be in the subject itself." He did his first
photography in 1968, his first computer imagery in 1973, and founded Digital
Image Design Incorporated in 1982. He has exhibited at the Museum of Modern
Art; he created TextArc.org; he is in the permanent collection of the
Whitney Museum of American Art; and his designs are at work every day in the
hands of brokers on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He is
frequently asked to speak on the subject of interaction design, and pursues
an integrated career where design jobs inspire art and art techniques inform