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[Nettime-bold] Global Forum (FfD), Press Release

Dear colleagues:

This is the first press release of the Global Forum: 
Financing the Right to Sustainable and Equitable
Development, which will take place in the City of
Monterrey, Mexico, from the 14th thru the 16th of
March. This event will hapen just days prior to the
United Nations International Conference on Financing
for Development (FfD).

The Global Forum has been conceived as a space for
social movents to express their diverse perspectives.
A space where the urgent need to modify the current
development model is a priority along with the unique
opportunity for strategical political feedback.

>From this e-mail message till the end of the event,
we'll keep you informed about the Global Forum.

Attached, you will find a media advisory.

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Organizing Committee
Global Forum of Financing for the Right to the
Sustainable Development with Fairness
Press Contact: Comunicación e Información de la
Mujer, Asociación Civil (
+52 (55) 5510-0085/5510-2033/5512-5796

February 20, 2002

In the framework of the United Nations International
Conference on Financing for Development (FfD), social
and civil movements from all over the world will meet
at the Global Forum:  Financing the Right to
Sustainable and Equitable Development where proposals
refering to the issues raised at the FfD along with
lacking ones such as gender, environment, economic,
social and cultural rights will be discussed.

The Global Forum has been conceived as the space for
social movents to express their diverse perspectives.
A space where the urgent need to modify the current
development model is a priority along with the unique
opportunity for strategical political feedback.

Two main political goals have been defined for the
Global Forum: at the long term, the creation of
economic alternatives to the current model by means of
an efficient networking undertaken by the diverse
social and civil actors meeting at the Global Forum,
to generate proposals, be able to feedback the
Conference and participate in the follow-up process.

At the short term, the goal is to feedback the process
of the Conference and its final paper, the Monterrey
Consensus, so that the Governments really undertake
actions resulting from the commitments endorsed in the
different summits and conferences from the 90's, from
Rio de Janereiro's Earth Summit in 1992 to the
Millenium Summit in the 2000, whose most ambicious
goal is to erradicate half of the poverty suffered by
more than 1000 million people  by 2015.


The Global Forum:  Financing the Right to Sustainable
and Equitable Development is being promoted and
organized by the Mexican Organization Committee,
integrated by six civil organizations' networks and
the International Steering Committee integrated by NGO
and network representatives worldwide. 


The Global Forum discussions tents will revolve around
five topics, where seminars, workshops, exchange
dialogues and debates with the multilateral financial
institutions will take place, along with specific
workshops for participants. 


1. Natural resources mobilization and structural
2. International investment of resources and trade 
3. Debt
4. Official  Development Aid (ODA) 
5. Systemic issues

Each topic will be analysed and discussed from a
gender, environmental, labour, social and economic
human rights perspectives. 


As most forums born from the international conferences
and summits held in the 90's,  the  Global Forum:
Financing the Right to Sustainable and Equitable
Development is meant to be the space for civil
society's expression intimately related to the
negociating process of the main resulting paper and
the oficial Conference  itself. 

The United Nations FfD conference was born from a
decission taken by the UN General Assembly in their
50th. Session on 1997 where its goal was clearly
stated as: "to raise the mobilization of resources
topic so as to implement the results of the previous
Conferences and Summits held in the 90's by the UN in
the framework of its Development Agenda, particularly
regarding poverty erradication". 

In 1999, the 54th. Session of the General Assembly
decided that the General Secretariat would invite the
participation of the World Bank (WB), the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade
Oeganization (WTO) 

Another agreement was that the FfD would be a high
profile Conference, this meaning that the participants
would be no less than the ministers involved in the
financing for development topic. 

Another agreement held during the FfD negociation
process was to open up the participation of the
private sector and civil society to both, the
preparatory process and the final Conference as well. 

The participation of the different UN agencies is
garanteed, specially the UN Trade and Development

In March, 1999 , during the first PreCom , the agenda
was defined and the agreement made was that Mexico
would be the facilitating country for the process, the
location being Monterrey, Nuevo Leon an the date for
the Conference to be held would be March, 18 -22,

The issues to be discussed are mainly the movilization
of domestic and foreign resourses, debt, trade, and
global systemic issues that enable the coherence of
the financing policies, along with the financing
actors for each action.

In January, 2001, the first draft of the document to
be negociated appeared, the General Secretary
presented it to the WB, IMF and WTO for feedback.

This is a unique experience due to its different
negociation process. Starting from the inicial
participation of the main stakeholders a paper was
written, later on it was again subject to consultation
and finally new proposals for change were made in the
last PrepCom held in January, 2002 in New York.

A panel integrated by important leaders from the
political and economy arena was created for the FfD,
its main task being to render the UN General Secretary
substantive and realistic proposals for financing

Ernesto Zedillo, former president of México
coordinated the panel, the participants were Abdulatif
Al-Hammad, president of the Economic Development of
Kwait, David Bryer, Great Britain's Oxfam Director; 
Mary Chinery Hess, General Director of the
International Work Organization; Jacques Delors,
finances ex minister in France and President of the
European Commission; Rebeca Gryspan, ex vice President
of Costa Rica; Majid Osama, ex minister of financial
affairs of Mozambique; Robert Rubin, ex secretary of
the Treasure Department of the United States and
Manmohan Singh, India's ex minister of financial. 

The United Nations is organizing the Conference along
with the International Monetary Fund, the World Band
and the World Trade Organization.  Heads of State and
Government along with ministers of financial and trade
 affairs will attend the Conference. 

February 20, 2002
                       	          MEDIA ADVISORY 

The state of Nuevo Leon is neighbour to the states of
San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and Zacatecas in
Mexico and to the state of Texas in the United States
of America. Monterrey is located two hours away from
the Texan boarder by road and 75 minutes away from the
capital Mexico City by plane. It has a population of
3.9 million inhabitants and covers an area of 64,654

The average temperatures vary according to the time of
Spring: 30°C Summer: 36 °C Autumn: 20°C Winter: 20°C

The local time of Monterrey is GMT -6 (Center Time of
the United States)

The Mexican Committee for the Global Forum of
Financing the Right to Sustentable and Equitable
Development, has designed the Technical Secretary in
order to find alternative accommodation.
To contact the Secretary of Monterrey by e-mail please
use the following address:

State the facilities that you would like to obtain: 
<sum> The price, how much would you be prepared to
pay? Or, would you prefer free lodging with a Mexican
<sum> How many days would you want to stay in
<sum> What could you do? (Nothing, you would like
full- board, or you could help with certain domestic
chores such as bed making and laundry)

The United Nations, along with the Mexican Federal
Government, have designed a specific organization to
make accommodation reservations for this Conference:
PCM (Professionals in Conventions Monterrey, S. A of
C. V)
Tel.: (52) (81) 8369- 6585 Fax: (52) (81) 8369- 6727 
Public Timetable: 8:00 - 20:00 Greenwich Medium Time

The city of Monterrey has one international airport
(Mariano Escobedo), located 30 minutes away from
downtown.  The airport also has services such as taxis
and car rental.
Comercial and private flights: 351 daily
Airlines with direct flights to Monterrey
Aerolineas Internacionales
International airlines
American Airlines
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
Northwest Airlines


Financing for Development
United nations
 The International Conference on Financing for
The International Conference on Financing for
Development (Mexico)
The World Summit on Sustainable Development Rio 10

The Heinrich Böell Foundation
WEED World Economy, Ecology & Development
Homepage with documents on Finance for Development.
The Danish United Nations Association
CONGO A Conference of Non-Governmental Organisations
Vivat International
Bretton Woods Project
SODEPAZ Solidarity for Development and Peace
Jubilee Debt Campaign
New Internationalist Reports on Finance for
The Worldwide Social Forum
Debtchannel (OneWorld)
MPO Macroeconomics for Sustainability Programme Office
Tebtebba Foundation
Norwegan Forum for Enviroment and Development
Intermon Oxfam

Multilateral Organisations:
The World Bank
The International Monetary Fund
The International Organisation of Commerce

To cover the Global Forum: Financing the Right to
Sustainable and equitable Development. The media
representatives will have to preregister to get the
authorisation. Contact  the following e-mail address: Please include: name, media,
e-mail, telephone number and address.

You will be able to collect your press pass from the
12 of March onwards in the press room located in the
Forum Headquarters, where there will be provided along
with all the press facilities and information, to help
with the development of your work.
You can obtain information on the participants of the
Global Forum in the city of Monterrey from the  Press
Sonia del Valle y Juana María Nava Castillo

The press room will be located in the Auditorium of
the Fundidora Park. It will be open from the 13 untill
the 16 of March, with opening hours 8:30 till 22:00.
Furthermore, CIMAC has an office in the city of
Coordinator: Juan Maria Nava Castillo
Vicente Riva Palacio N. 368, Center
Tel: 818+ 340 9274

In Mexico City
Press Contact:
Cindy Flores

Sonia del Valle
Balderas N. 86

The official acreditation to cover the International
Conference on Financing for Development, 18 –22 march,
will be carried out directly from UN headquarters in
New York.

The authorization will be made by:
Sra. Sonia Lecca 
Head of Dependence and Authorisation and link to the
Department of Public Information
United Nations New York
Teléfono: 1-212-963-2392 y 963 25 87


Comité Organizador México
Foro Global: Financiación para el Derecho al Desarrollo Sustentable con Equidad
Enlace con medios: Comunicación e Información de la Mujer, Asociación Civil (CIMAC).
+ 52 (55) 5510-0085/5510-0023/5512-5796
Cindy Gabriela Flores, Coordinación de Prensa,

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