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[Nettime-bold] Want More Site Traffic?

Title: iTraffic Marketing Software


gets rave reviews!

PC Magazine rates it 'the best of the slew of new site promotion software programs.

Win95 Magazine featured iTraffic as  'must have promotion software' in their  Editor's Choice picks.

System Requirements:

486 or higher PC

Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP

4MB RAM minimum,
8MB recommended

Hard Drive with 5MB free disk space

Standard Dial Up (ISP) or Direct Connection to the Internet


Internet Marketing Software
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Find out why iTraffic is the highest rated marketing tool for the new millennium on the Internet...

What is iTraffic?
This powerful, yet simple marketing software gives you the ability to submit and drive traffic to your website (and others), with ease. NEVER PAY A SERVICE AGAIN! With a built in automatic submission scheduler, meta tag creator, link popularity checker, Doorway page creator, FTP Uploader, ranking statistics, graphs, reports and so much more... TrafficSeeker gives you ONE powerful program for all of your Internet marketing needs.

When your site is competing with over 1 billion other web pages and documents, you need the the advantage of iTraffic to promote your website automatically and thoroughly.  Even if you have created the best web site in the world and offer the best products or services, all of that means nothing if no one can find your site.

iTraffic has been awarded the two highest honors a shareware program can receive! Tucows 5 Cows and ZDNET's 5 Stars!

"this easy-to-use software allows you to add/edit/remove your own engines and create custom databases so you have complete control over your submissions. The easiest submission utility I have used yet." Tucows

iTraffic Awarded Five Stars! - ZD Net

"The most powerful traffic generating software I've ever used..." Steven Schroedl

iTraffic is available for Win95, Win98, Win2000, NT, ME, XP and is fully functional with America Online. Your investment is safe with our Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee We're so sure you will love iTraffic that we offer a no questions asked return policy. No one else on the Net offers the support and quality that iTraffic offers. 

"With so many other programs promising to update their software and never coming through, it's nice to find a program and company that lives up to it's promise of making iTraffic the most powerful URL submission program on the Net!" Samuel Brown -

With this kind of power, it should come as no surprise that many of our customers have built profitable online promotional businesses with this product and their existing Internet connection!  Many in the internet marketing industry have opted to resell iTraffic to their clients to dramatically increase their profits!

But don't just take our word for it. iTraffic will be available for a FREE download on a limited trial basis (shareware).

We're so confident that once you've gotten a feel for the marketing power of this new program, you will want iTraffic!

See our FAQ page for additional information on this revolutionary new program.

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