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[Nettime-bold] exh. control panels. programming as an artistic practice, dortmund


Kontrollfelder. Programmieren als kuenstlerische Praxis

control panels. programming as an artistic practice

Hartware, Dortmund/D, 5 April to 5 May 2002


Scott Draves (USA)
I/O/D, Simon Pope, Colin Green, Matthew Fuller (Great Britain)
Thomas Kamphusmann (Germany)
LAN -Local Area Network (Switzerland)
Joan Leandre (Spain)
Radical Software Group (USA)
Simon Schiessl (Germany)
Antoine Schmitt (France)
Peter M. Traub (USA)
Adrian Ward (Great Britain)

hartware medien kunst verein, Dortmund, Germany
Tues - Fri: 4 - 10 p.m.; Sat, Sun and public holidays: 1 - 10 p.m.
Opening: 5 April 2002, 19.00 hrs

A project in cooperation with transmediale Berlin und

Curators: Andreas Broeckmann and Matthias Weiss

"Kontrollfelder - Programmieren als kuenstlerische Praxis," presented by
hartware medien kunst verein, is the first German exhibition of
international software art.

"Kontrollfelder" was developed in cooperation with transmediale -
international media art
festival berlin, and comprises ten current software art productions. The
exhibition will be displayed at hartware medien kunst verein as well as in
parts on the net art platform  "," which went online in
2001. The exhibition is  curated by Andreas Broeckmann (director of
transmediale) and Matthias Weiss (hartware).

Software artists develop computer programs that exceed the boundaries
and possibilities of conventional software or reduce their functions to
absurdity. The focus is not on the perfect and optimal function of the
programs, but rather on the programs' "dis.functionality" and momentum,
which is presented as a playful experience. However, the artists do not
see the software as a tool, but rather view the code as fundamental
aesthetic material for their artistic creations.

While most PC users accept the possibilities and above all the limitations
of commercial software as a given, software artists demonstrate all the
active and creative possibilities by developing their own independent
programs. "Do it yourself!," the motto of the 2001 transmediale, is the
slogan with which artists defy the software monopolies.

The exhibition "Kontrollfelder. Programmieren als kuenstlerische Praxis"
presents software art whose individuality and resistance the visitors
can put to the test.

Matthias Weiss
hartware medien kunst verein
Matthias Weiss
Guentherstrasse 65
D-44143 Dortmund
++49(0)231-88 20 240

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