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[Nettime-bold] redTV interview | Ulus Baker -- What is Opinion?

pyromedia, a NY based media arts collective has recently published a 
video interview with Ulus Baker; "what is opinion?". Ulus baker is a 
scholar following the line of political thought of Spinoza, Deleuze and 
Negri. in this interview he traces the notion of "opinion" back from its
ancient greek origins following the major schools of western thought, 
and criticizes todays "sociology of opinions". 
this interview is produced as a part of  "redTV" project, a series of 
interviews with radical public intellectuals on theoretical issues.
i think you may find it interesting, as the interview discusses some of
the critical issues concerning the "public opinion" and "media". you can 
find the online video at the following url:
for more information on redTV project:

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