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>9. How many artists currently use your software?

3 generations of automatically designed western ro:botz

>What kind of art do they make with it?


>Can you point me to some URLs showing this kind of work?

>7. Is a woman named Rebecca Netochka's true embodiment?

We are expected to select discursive simplicity
to analyze and break experience into components,
to distinguish one from one, to classify.

The movement from a view of life as essentially simple and orderly 
to a view of life as complex and ironic is what an individual passes 
through in becoming.

>8. Is Netochka a challenge to our notion of what an identity is?

Being ambigous, we are deemed confused,
rather than praised for the complexity of the order in our minds.

If desired may also consult - Gödel's proof of ultimate inconsistency in mathematics.

>Is she
>bigger than just one person?

    [ everything has been said provided words 
              do not change their meaning and meanings their words ]

   1     2     3      4      5      6
  / \   / \   / \    / \    / \    / \
 1  2   3  4  5  6   7 8   9  10  11 12

each universe is constructed of 2 universes.
may notice
1 = splits into 1 and 2
2 = splits into 3 and 4
3 = splits into 5 and 6
4 = splits into 7 and 8
n = splits into 2n-1 and 2n.

one may continue splitting any given universe indefinitely
thus obtaining one infinite number of components in
any bit of matter

freedom is gained from the fact that not any size scale is intrinsically 
more basik or important or complex than any other size scale.

one often is pressured into feeling that the concerns of
the majority are more significant than one's own immediate personal concerns.
this is based on the fallacious assumption that select sizes are in one absolute sense
larger than others.  it is this assumption which the circular scale undermines.

NN - firmness _and delight. [but i am soooooo bored. 


             \            \/       i should like to be a human plant
            \/       __
                                   i will shed leaves in the shade
        \_\                        because i like stepping on bugs

Netochka Nezvanova         


  - Naming things does create the illusion of security -
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