porculus on Fri, 8 Feb 2002 16:12:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: G2K NEWS Newsflash: "G2K Now Proven by Science"

> Well the fascism of every nationality is bursting at the seams, correct?

itz because fascizmus symbolism in brodcast ist so easy 'to corrupt' you
could easily use ov it, beside zink : ze reverse iz exactly true and far
more interresting, why ze exzact reason corporate zymbolz are so 'zenzible'
material & besidez ze law is protecting far harder zuch bull zan kickable
girlz & guyz az youz and miz..coz zis iz an inzuportable injuriez to
'community' ov interest, community which are -and what iz quite true, az
onlyz ribbentropez could say 'the good' for naziz- only able to zay the
truth about itzelv..well zuch bla to say itz exactly what rhizome try to do
in communitifiing netarworld, rhizome have a fasciztmus kultur, all his bla
is uninclusive aber 'exclusive' so itz 'artbase' exclude more zan include,
out itz artetekunztl, zpecialy when swimming gallowez did zome xzllent
humorz ov some what itz art fur ihr. i am h!re, for your total liberazion
maxzl..dont say 'zankz' itz ganz normal, i rememberz your clark gabblez'
vosphor bombing fur la france libre, mein grossmuter had a zexcult to zuch
mit petite mouztache grosse zexfuhrer. total recall maxzl, zigzigheil!

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