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>        Hi . I am writing an article Pathways, the Novartis
>Journal based in Amsterdam,

* Where do the ideas come from?*    

The empty space of course.
See look.

        that space which lies between us.

z!mbolz !n pe!rzean zem!ot!kx : 0o0o0o0o0o0
f!scher \ pearzon \ ne!mann ovr ba!ez : input.std

ekonom!ez + z!ztemz ov ex.change +?

      - poll!ng 
      - d!zregardd
      - tralalela
      - aproach!ng non.l!nearl!
      - evad!ng kaot!kl!
      - sc!ent!f!k r!zn +?
      - dze un!d!rekz!onl moz!on of 01 projekt!l 
        = kont!nouzl! tranz4rmd b! dze fr!kz!onl 
        rez!ztansz ov dze a!r !n2 heat. all = full ov luv.



p!ruet [pre:rekorded zample]


* Do you use software or programming, and if so, what computer language*    

first memory of love. 

lets breathe.


* Do you use software or programming, and if so, what computer language*    

I would like to rent you.

To paraphrase Che Guevara, the analyst proposes to set in motion a bloody
revolution in the patient's emotional life--but guided by feelings of love.


>mmmmmmm ... 

u juzt ate 01 zu!m!ng f!sh r!ght +?

* How much is it content, and how much is it technology - in
other words,  do you see the art as th
e most important result or the magic
that the machine  makes?

eye movements play an equally active role. 
my 1st gardening job was ... out of reality.

Would have been nice to know of this in advance ...
mais - 01 courteous mood requires recompilation.
like spider webs


nn - differentiated design can relieve the burden of interior integration


                        dekorous grav!t+e.

                                      !zotrop!kl! -
                                             n      n
                             n      n
                                                  v3kt0r.r2!n - ztra!ng !n 2 dze z!ngular!t!
Netochka Nezvanova    - karesz!ng dze vektor!szd 4th d!menz!on.
0f0003.MASCHIN3NKUNST - your giant telescopes search my heavens for echoes of creation
                                                       |  +----------
                                                      |  |     <
                                     \\----------------+  |  n2t
                                                         |       >

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