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the children really resonated to proust yesterday     
and I got        , who had only written a
sentence in each of the previous classes, suddenly writing      
I told him his one sentence was so beautiful, which it was, 
that I wanted to read the rest of the story which his mind was holding  
but that the only way for me to do so was if he wrote it down.        
next thing I knew - we couldn't stop him.       

the other kids' papers were collected, 
they had their coats on waiting in the hall to be walked
downstairs and        is still writing away writing away    
neither I nor their regular teacher wanted to stop him          

The winter ice mountain     
I slide down the ice mountain and then
I fly and I fall down. then I find a diamond and it is shiny and
pointy and I put it in my pocket and I am sliding and I enter my
home and I place it in a safe place and I am sleeping and it is spring
in the morning and I skate in the morning and I am skating and I find a
boy   (this is where we finally had to stop, although I told him I'd
bring it back next week for him to work on again)             

isn't it lovely?                
must get ready for today's class


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